For a brief account on my exodus from teaching, we had our last day recently.  It was very bitter sweet.  I was excited about the transition from teacher to student, however, that required leaving a room that for one year had been my home away from home.  I had to take down all the pieces from my “art wall”, all the drawings and notes my students made for me over the year.  That was pretty sad as I remembered all the happy moments and things I did love about teaching.

Moving on to a happier note..  the seniors had their graduation!!  Most teachers hate graduation.  I love attending graduations however.  I’ve been to three as a student and this was my first as a teacher.  I enjoyed it, it was nice to see my kids walk across the stage.  They were very proud of themselves and so were their parents.  I could tell by all the screaming and air horns.  One kid in particular, Nick, passed my class with a 70, the bare minimum after copious amounts of make up work.  When he raised his grade up to that point he was SO happy, the happiest i had seen a student.  He knew that he was done with my class, he wouldn’t have to take my final (because he was a senior), and that he was graduating high school.  So I felt very connected to his graduation, which was nice.

After the graduation I saw a lot of my former students, and I congratulated them on their success.

A final goodbye to an old life that could have been and may still be.  Just not for me.  Not yet at least.


Second Day

May 31, 2010

I am back from my second day of class.  During class I noticed the professor forgot a final step of a problem, so I raised my hand and let the professor know.  He fixed the problem, then one of the students yelled out, “Whoa,  nice call man!”, another student said out loud, “yeah, that totally saved the problem”.  Then kids came from hanging out of the ceilings and windows praising my name, ok that last part isn’t true.  It was a really good feeling, too.  A girl tried the same thing a little later in class, but got denied, mostly because she doesn’t have mad skills like I do.

Anyway, my friend in the class, Nitin, “Nee ten” came for the last 5 minutes of class out of a two hour class, which I thought was humorous.  In lab he was cracking me up so hard, we had to use fire and KNO3 etc. etc.  and it was actually a lot of fun.  We must have been the worse chemists because we got out hours after everyone else, but hey its all good.

As I park to write this, I will recount my first day thus far.  My first steps on campus are light, everyone has a smile on , waving to me! I am extremely excited as I can say that I am going to college! I can’t wait to learn whatever the old professor feels like talking about. I go on campus to the bookstore, the halls squeaky clean and the staff pointing me in the right direction wearing smiles all around. The bookstore employee knows right where my book is and the lesbian couple lets me break in front of them to pay. How I have forgotten being on campus! I pretended I was mad when I found out I had a mandatory training meeting after school. The truth is that I was excited to have to hustle over to mtc and find everything, the challenge is part of the fun, the more impossible the better. After buying my lab book I ran over to McDonalds, the silly Russian lady laughing over everything I said, especially when she figured out I wanted a number 2 not 10!  I became a student of the human condition as all of my favorite songs played in my ears, just as the children played. I watched  two mothers exchange numbers probably for a play date for their kids. A nicely dressed man came in to order instead of drive thru. He’s either had a bad experience with spit service or just didn’t want to wait in line. Bottom line, I can’t wait for class, you say 4 hours worth of lecture then lab?!!! I say only twice a week, God why!!!!

I know this blog is meant to document my transition from full time teacher to full time student to full time amazing MD and all, but I rarely write about my teaching days.

I had a very sad first yesterday, as a teacher.  I had my first student that ended up preggers.  I know, it’s a blessing, and she will see that soon, but she will definitely have to put her life on hold for a while.  – Well, she’s being shipped off, I think, so good luck to you wherever you roam and for whatever happens.

This is to all my thousands of blog fans following all my moves day to day.  CRISIS AVERTED!

So, I had a little scare last night about paying for tech and still being able to pay rent etc next year.  However, I filled out the correct form and stopped by tech today after school.  -Who do I see at the financial aid office but a former co-worker of mine! We worked at a christian summer camp, I was a camp counselor and he was a unit coordinator, basically one step above me.

I think some big man above was trying to give me a little hint, but I thought that this was wonderful and that, I am definitely on the right track.  Hiccups and hurdles will be along the way regardless, but so far so good.  He assured me that I did the right thing, that I was early, and it would all be ok financially.

&  “<– thats why I wrote ampersand in the title”

You should really listen to the song Benassi Bros “Blackbird”  – I’m on a “techno” music kick, that I just can’t kick.


April 23, 2010


When we see a beam a light from the sun, it contains all the colors possible, from the shortest wavelengths (violet) to the longest (red).  With the right conditions, light from the sun goes through droplets of water in the sky.  The different colors contained within the white light travel through the droplets at different speeds, because of their different wavelengths.  After passing through the water droplets all the colors of the rainbow literally come out.

This is how rainbows are formed, got it? Good!

First of all, I just finished Chapter 4!! Amazing!! Grats to me.  From the week of spring break and the bachelor party weekend, I am behind in my self-paced CHEM 1 “crash course”.  However, I still have a deadline to meet, and I have to have a good hold of CHEM 1 before my CHEM 2 class starts on 5/15.

I was looking forward to this weekend having no social plans etc.  This would give me a chance to catch up and only have to do the regular 7 pages a day.  A co-worker asked me to come visit his family with his girlfriend and brother, and go out drinking the whole weekend.  Another co-worker asked me to run another 10K, this one for breast cancer coming up.  (The last one we ran was actually a lot of fun, and a VERY eventful weekend, remind me to write about it sometime).

Back to what I was saying, DAMNIT! To many invitations!  I will probably tell my co-workers that I really have to use this weekend to catch up on CHEM, they’ll understand 🙂

Finally,  a friend in college told me, we made fun of people who always got mad that they were getting to many texts or calls on their cell phone.  Like, “damnit, I have TOO many friends”  – So, long story short, these are good things, things I shouldn’t be complaining about !

Sounds easy right…?

April 20, 2010

A friend told me about a friend of his in the army.  For everything, he said, the soldiers were given a task.  This task would always be daunting if not impossible.  The soldiers always had the attitude, and always replied, “Sounds easy right?”

Maybe I should tell myself that whenever I get discouraged, and want to quit doing chemistry problems!!!

Here is the phenomenon of the day

After you finish High School and you are thinking about how difficult college is, you think to yourself, man High School was so easy.  After you finish college and you are thinking about how difficult grad school is, you think to yourself, man undergrad was so easy.

I think those people that truly excel in school have an idea of this phenomenon at some level of sub-consciousness.  To always perform (in school( or whatever)) as if you were a time traveler looking back on how easy such and such was.

I don’t know, just a theory I’m working on at the moment.

ok ok, For Example:

True success would be a high school student( or undergrad student etc.  ) To be able to say to themselves, “hey, I know that one day I’ll look back at high school and realize how easy this was, SO.. all I have to do is x , y , z and I can make a 100 on everything”

I’m sure that made sense 🙂

So, I love to watch shows like Bones, House, etc etc etc etc.

On Bones, a Salvadorian woman was shot in her pelvis, but the bone started to heal around the wound.  I just want to learn so bad, how it happens, the biology and chemistry behind it so bad!!!!